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Condo Show In Toronto

Toronto is going to have a condo exhibition on October 3rd. The "Toronto Condo Show" is expected to attract Architects/Engineers, Builders/Renovators, General Public, Inspectors, Investors, Manufacturers, Mortgage Lenders or Brokers, Planners, Property Managers, Real Estate Brokers  and everyone who is, or wants to be, a part of the emerging condo culture in Toronto. Exhibits will include:

  • Developers showcasing current and future projects
  • Real estate, legal and financial services
  • Small space design and multi-purpose furnishings
  • Home electronics and appliances
  • Interior design
  • Ideas for green living
  • Lifestyle and home entertaining

It would be nice to get something like this closer to home. A "BC Condo Show" anyone?

Posted: Friday, August 15, 2008 3:51 PM by Raj Dhaliwal
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